Who we are?

  • About Us
    We are a small company and everyone simply loves BOGS boots and shoes. Director Morten practically wears only Bogs - he must have 6 pairs at the least. Marketing professional Dalia wears only her favourite Hibiscus in winter, accountant Aida cannot stop enjoying her Taylor meanwhile our amazing sales team has tried a full range - Paisley, Rider, and Blaze - and each has found suiting their tastes and preferences.
    We discovered Bogs in Fjord Norway. Initially, we bought them for ourselves, then for the family, and finally came to believe that the boots would perfectly fit our relatives, friends, neighbours ... and you. We tried - and really they did and everyone loved them!
    We are not the only ones who enjoy Bogs. Having tried Bogs, people would come back and buy another pair or a few pairs of shoes – for the daughter to run around in snow banks or puddles near the house, for the wife to haul a baby buggy every day, for the husband on a hunt, for the mother-in-law to take the dog out for a walk ... Some people bought 5 pairs straight off.
    Bogs are unique boots; neoprene and waterproof rubber combination keeps feet warm in winter, cool in spring and autumn, and dry all year round.

    Waterproof Bogs Boots

    We suggest you try them. Whereas we are already confident that BOGS will make you feel warm and comfortable in any weather despite dirt, water, or snow, even if it got into your boots.

    We really do not care about the weather.