Why bogs?

  • Why Bogs?
    BOGS have been developed to breathe and present the most comfortable, warmest, and driest footwear you have ever worn in any weather despite dirt, water, or snow!
    Bogs are unique boots; neoprene and waterproof rubber combination keeps feet warm in winter, cool in spring and autumn, and dry all year round.
    Bogs were developed by the Combs family from Oregon, USA, where even the meteorologists are not sure about the weather forecast. "We know our stuff and we know the people who wear our boots. More than forty years of experience in the footwear industry has led us to develop BOGS as a solution to any, even the most unfavourable, weather conditions. Thanks to our technologies, BOGS boots can keep your feet warm and dry all day long".
    Each BOGS boot is 100% WATERPROOF.


    BOGS are made with a 5 mm NEOPRENE LAYER to ensure excellent insulation and provide comfort: FROST PROTECTION TO -18°C / -30°C depending on the model and convenience to approximately +18°C.
    2 mm of BREATHABLE AIRMESH LINING not only provides more warmth but also allows air circulation and eliminates moisture from inside the BOGS boot. Every step you make in the BOGS boots works like a bellows pumping moist air and excess heat out therefore keeping your feet warm and dry throughout the day.

    Using NON-SLIP TECHNOLOGY that releases mud and snow as you walk, BOGS soles deliver the traction you need in treacherous conditions.

    The AEGIS MICROBE SHIELD is the revolutionary bonded antimicrobial technology that provides protection against odor, staining, and deterioration caused by bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms.


    BOGS feature SCOTCHGARD PROTECTION that naturally wicks away moisture, provides a stain barrier, and maintains the internal fabric soft and breathable.

    The BOGS DESIGN has enabled integration of these innovative functions into style. "We tried to make BOGS suitable for swamps, vegetable fields, city streets, and woods. BOGS offer ultimate comfort and warmth alongside eye-catching graphics and colour combination, even at sub-zero temperatures.
    100% satisfaction guaranteed wherever your boots take you.
    You'll love BOGS footwear - and your feet will love you for it!